The LibDems, tolerance and antisemitism

More antisemitic antics from the UK’s political elite.

This time its the turn of the LibDems who, as you know are “The only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united”, apparently. We will see how they do that in a minute.libdems

Baroness Jenny Tonge who sits in the House of Lords as an Independent Liberal Democrat, and is a ‘heavy hitter’ for the party, hosted a Palestine Return Council (PRC) event in the Lords this week.

It was, by all accounts, (such as this one, this one and this one,) an openly antisemitic hate fest. Now, lets be clear that, as the party’s cosy strapline about tolerance shows, the LibDems are happy to tolerate Jew hatred, too.

When senior politicians promote views and doctorines uncritically, that have been manufactured by Jew haters in the Middle East, because of religion, right in the heart of this country’s government, one has to ask why this is allowed to happen. And what can be done to stop it happening again?

For those of you who won’t believe it until you actually see it happening with your own eyes, here is 1m 28s of stomach churning garbage.


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