The UK government can now see your entire internet history


This caught me by surprise! In today’s Independent newspaper the paper reports that Investigatory Powers Act is poised to become law.

Numerous government departments will now be able to access your internet usage history raging from the military and police to the Gambling Commission and ambulance services.

The Act gives the UK government probably the most extreme spying powers in the developed world.

According to this report the Act will:

  • Allow authorities to have access to everything your phone or computer does
  • Force communications service providers to keep your browsing data for a year
  • Require Internet companies to help spies hack your phone
  • Allow your conversations with your MP to be listened in on (conversations with you MP had been private until the introduction of the Act)

What is perhaps most shocking is how the Bill progressed through both Houses, virtually unopposed, having the total support of all of the main UK political parties, although it was opposed by human rights groups in the UK.

The concern for many is that this information will be misused, abused, find its way into the hand of criminals or shared with hostile authorities in other countries.






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