Is the United Kingdom currently a one party state?

Regardless of what you think of Labour party policies, the fact that the UK’s current Conservative Government has had no viable political opposition for such a long time must be recognised as a recipe for disaster, whatever way you look at it.

The UK is effectively a one party state

What this means is that  the UK is effectively a one party state and the current government is virtually free to run amok. Despite that fact, so far they have only damaged the lives of those who are least able to help themselves – those who depend on public services most such as the poor, the disabled and the jobless. Surprisingly, this is precisely the same group that New Labour took for granted, and some say, brought about its downfall from power in the 2010 elections.

Labour’s woes

Labour’s current woes represented by poor opinion polling results over the last 6 months seem to give the impression that the Party’s fortunes are irreversible. The Labour Party is currently divided and faction ridden since the election of Left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn in 2015. Surrounded by a tight group trusted politicians and the Praetorian Guard, the Momentum movement, the party has lurched from crisis to crisis with a degree of oblivion that can only be reasonably explained when you understand that adhering to a leftist agenda matters more than wielding political power as a party of Government.

Not quite game over for Labour!

The Party knows that it has been here before and with just over 3 years to go before the next election scheduled for 2020 there is still time to get its act together. And that may be so. However, many fear that Labour may have to pay a harsher price for abandoning its roots. In Scotland, the Labour Party is a shadow of what it was. In the North of England UKIP is seeing encouraging results in areas that Labour once took for granted. Elsewhere, many people feel Corbyn’s brand of Leftism seem just as remote and detached from the needs of ordinary people as the Conservative’s policies.

A UKIP renaissance?

If the Scottish Nationalist Party, UKIP and the Conservatives were the only problem Labour had to contend with then it may be easier to see what the future might hold. However, throw into the mix (1.) the fact that the country is deeply divided over the Summer’s decision to leave the European Union, (2.) the rise of nationalism in the UK and in other countries such as France and the US and (3.) the wide choice of parties clamouring for left wing and traditional working class votes alongside Labour, including the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, The Greens and the Nationalist parties in Wales and Scotland. What this means is that we could see a very different political landscape during the 2020 elections. One where UKIP coud become the defacto Opposition, within a political landscape virtually unrecognisable when compared to the one we find ourselves in today.


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